Welcome to Mimma's World!  We are two passionate mumpreneuers. First-time mums to two beautiful little girls who we love to play "dress up" with, the idea of starting a clothing line came organically to us. While shopping for our toddlers, we realised that the market it saturated with regular mass-produced clothes. What was missing was organic and sustainable clothing, which was cute and comfortable at the same time!  Enter - Mimma's World!

The name - Mimma – has two meanings - a dove, a symbol for peace in Latin and a baby in traditional Italian.

The two partners of Mimma's World come from very different backgrounds - Marketing and Photography & Design.  As it turns out, it's the perfect combination to bring creativity and business together like it should be. Apart from working on creating a meaningful brand we also work on projects related to our fields.

Come, travel with us through our journey and let us play dress-up with your children!

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