Mimma’s World, is both a curator and producer of fun, sustainable and playful children’s clothing and accessories. As a brand, we are proud to be based on the foundations of imagination and love for everything ethically crafted with passion and care.

The name - Mimma - means a dove, a symbol for peace in Latin and also translates to  baby in traditional Italian. Our endeavour through Mimma’s World is to help create a sustainable and untainted world for children through product offerings that help them nurture their vivid imaginations and small adventures one step at a time.

And most importantly, our aim is to help parents reach out to small brands that are constantly striving to bring craftsmanship and old age traditions back to mainstream. Thus by working with smaller brands and communities we aim to provide parents with products that are primarily handmade, fair trade and pure

Our endeavour is to support  #sustainable and #slowfashionforkids one step at a time.



A photographer and creative director who lives and breathes aesthetics and design in every form. Let it be photography or motherhood, her keen eye for all things artistic and imagination is what drives her through everything in life.


A marketeer, social media addict and a wannabe yoga teacher / spiritual entrepreneur with unending desire to learn, collaborate and create. Let it be brands or messy play, she is always on her wits end to see an opportunity to create any kind of difference to the world.

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